E-Learning Software

Learn to build software with a No-Code approach. You don’t need to be a software developer
to have an impact as a software developer does.
In a matter of days, you will know how to create a landing page, make a mobile app, or create
a CMS for your company. Forget about scrolling endlessly through tutorials.
Create an online learning environment in no-time. Include as many people, courses, and
customers in your e-learning as you want. All without any technical hassle.
The purpose of a successful E-learning platform is that it creates a robust learning experience
that feels like a classroom experience, offering the traditional classroom characteristics (like
instructor-student interaction, Q&As, discussion, games, collaborative projects, quizzes, etc.)
but either online or through a device (e.g. a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile.) These
important learning environments are achieved through a learning platform’s features and
tools that create the level of interaction and engagement students need.
The power of WEM no-code
1)No need for any IT knowledge, HTML, Java etc.
2)A simple, user-friendly and secure IT environment
3)No complicated implementation procedure: You can start immediately
4)Build and test your online learning environment for free until you are satisfied
5)Include as many people, courses, and customers in your online learning environment as you
6)Build courses in your desired look & feel
7)Use your e-learning app on any device
From interactive functionalities to keep participants focused, putting together evaluations,
questionnaires and tests to duplicating courses and easily changing the content for a different
target group or customer… Our very own WEM essential training gives you a perfect
impression what type of learning environment you can create with our no-code development