Event Management Software

No-code development applications are built rapidly, showing real-time statistics makes it
easy to analyse event data, manage incidents and co-ordinate volunteers.
No code development platforms are enabling programmers and non-programmers to build
application software by using graphical user interfaces and configuration rather than
conventional computer coding. Such platforms suddenly have risen in popularity as

enterprises have to manage the fast growth of the mobile workforce and a small number of
skilled software developers.
Event management has become an emerging domain since the last couple of decades, large
numbers of professionals and entrepreneurs are engaged in providing a hassle-free event
management experience to the end users. Specialists in different aspects of event
management are increasingly getting associated with the process, eliminating the need for
direct micro-management by the customer. Using customized or generic technology tools is
helping them to gain a competitive advantage by reduced Total Cost of Operations, increased
productivity, and enhanced customer satisfaction.
WEM is designed to provide a virtual platform that can help you to plan an event perfectly
before happening. You can also schedule the event and other important factors as the
application come with pre-installed tools. You can also connect and track events, speakers,
venues, rooms, tracks, sessions, registered attendees, budgets, expenses and MDF. WEM is
easy to install and run and fully customizable.
With WEM you can start logically mapping out, tracking, and executing your event
marketing plans using these 9 new custom objects:
-Events w/ Registration statistics
-Venues w/ Google Map integration
-Event Registrations
-Event Expenses
-Event MDF (Market Development Funds)
Once installed you have the absolute power to shape and customize this basic but powerful
data model, to fit your business.